Today I will say goodbye to the sturdy GMC Sierra truck. I felt that the truck was very competent in everything a small family could want in a vehicle. It was comfortable at highways speeds, not giving the driver any indication that you're bob-tailing an empty truck bed. The new all-aluminum 5.3-liter 310 horsepower V-8 has plenty of get-up and go, especially during passing; there was immediate reaction at higher speeds when the accelerator was pressed harder. The main question is would I spend my hard earned cash on this truck?

I talked on day one that the Sierra and its Silverado twin are one the waning days of their current platform. Since the truck?s debut in 1999, the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram have be completely re-worked, the Nissan Titan has entered the scene and the new Toyota Tundra should be out next year. Competition is tough.

GMC Sierra in the <a class=Autoblog Garage" hspace="4" src="" width="250" align="right" vspace="4" border="0" />The biggest strike the Sierra has against it is the old-style interior. The overall feel inside is a drab with the hard gray-plastic and old-style rectangular bins that house all the instruments. But everything is easy to reach and operate. The full power leather-seats were supportive and easy to find a comfortable driving position. Nothing squeaked or rattled, just not going to ?wow? you like the F-150 or Titan will. If you?re into functional, the interior works without the gimmicks.

So would I spend the roughly $38,000 for the Sierra? With the outstanding powertrain and endless configurations it?s presents a good case. But when put right up there with the newer offerings, the F-150?s cabin feels downright homey compared to the all-business Sierra. Once I did some fiddling with Edmund?s calculators, in my region (the Northeast) I could conceivably get the truck down to about $31,000 mark. Now that?s another story.

GMC Sierra in the Autoblog Garage

The heavy incentive business is one GM knows it needs to get out of, but it is one of the contributing factors to this truck?s success in selling so many units with such stiff competition. It?s a good, solid platform that many businesses swear on. Could I get used to the interior to save a few grand? Yes.

2005 GMC Sierra: In the Autoblog Garage Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4

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