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I spent sometime getting to know the outside of the Sierra today by giving it a quick wash. You tend to study fit and finish, character lines and designs a little more closely when you're washing and drying. It confirms my reasoning in picking the GMC over the Chevy Silverado: I believe that it received the better of the two facelifts in 2004.

GMC Sierra in the Autoblog Garage

The GMC Sierra is not ?scowly? like the Silverado, not as overbearingly ?big-rig? as the Ram, not as in-your-face as the Titan nor squarish like the Ford. It sits in the middle, the anti-brand truck - people have a ravenous ?hate? for Ford, Dodge or Chevy, but no one aims to hate GMC. It?s all boils down to a matter of taste (or what symbol Calvin is peeing on in your rear window). The 2004 facelift gave the GMC as more prominent grill and a stylized chrome bumper.

GMC Sierra in the Autoblog Garage

The wheels are easy to clean and look good. Not too much chrome with an understated GMC symbol in the center cap. You could fit a small child between the tire and wheel-well (probably not a good analogy), but that?s all the allure of the 4x4; tall-ride height.

GMC Sierra in the Autoblog GarageOne wish I have at the rear of the truck is a locking tailgate. I know it sounds minimal, but there are tailgate thefts (no, really) and it would give a little sense of security back there.

Believe it or not, the truck was a quick clean even though it has a lot of sheet metal to cover. Panel gaps look good and the fit and finish is on par for the full-size truck market. One last day and the Sierra is sayonara.

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