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This weekend I broke up my Jetta testing for a quick trip out east to plan my pending nuptials. I wasn't going to write anything about the trip until I got into our rental car. I had booked a regular midsize sedan, an Impala or the like, originally because I just wanted a comfortable seat to plant myself in for the long trip. Anything over the Cavalier I had gotten on my last visit to the area. We arrived late and it was 11:30 p.m. by the time we hit the rental counter. The "salesman" at the desk asked us if we wanted to upgrade to an Infiniti "Q" for ten dollars more a day. I said no in a dead tired, travel haze.

Road Trip G35

Then he said how about for five dollars more a day. OK OK just let me out of here. We were greeted by a light blue G35 not the larger, more outdated Q45. This I like. The 400+ miles we?d be logging to the beach and back would be a lot more fun now. Little did I know the cushy leather seats would almost be as welcome as the sporty handling.

Delaware Trees
We left first thing the next morning from Baltimore headed to the Delaware shore. Immediately, I was struck by the terrific condition of the Maryland and Delaware roads. Almost every highway and other throughways were smooth and free of imperfections. The G35 took the winding roads like a sports car with the rear wheels propelling us through turns and the front tires bearing down with excellent grip. Steering was a bit heavy and I don?t think the casual driver would enjoy the G35 as much as I did on the twisting roads of Delaware. Much of our drive was on two-lane roads, again perfectly smooth and new, and I was having a blast. I?d have kicked myself in an Impala by the time we got to our destination.

G35 Trunk
The G35?s interior was pretty much what you?d expect from a Japanese luxury brand. Everything was nice enough to warrant the money, but it didn?t stun you either. I did fall in love with the leather seats though. They felt great on the back and to the touch as well. Surprisingly, the trunk wasn?t huge and just fit our carry-on luggage and extra bags with some room to spare.

MD Rain
The drive back to Baltimore was far less exciting as clouds and wind attacked the car while heavy traffic slowed us down. Luckily, the solid footing of the G35 kept us feeling safe and secure and it definitely rates as the best rental car I?ve ever had.

Note: When we get a Road Trips section up and running this will be one of them. Thanks Patrick. How?s GT4 treating you by the way?

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