For all our new readers I just want to let you know now that there are usually five days of reviews of each test car we get. Today I'll be tackling the interior. I don't like to talk about performance early on because that is one aspect I think deserves a few days of real testing to form accurate opinions.

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First of all I love the vents. Just kidding, inside joke. But does everyone see the difference in quality I?m referring to compared to the Chevy Cobalt? Both are aiming at this upscale economy car but the Jetta succeeds and the Cobalt doesn?t. Every touch of the Jetta feels upscale. All the buttons have a rubberized coating/skin that allows for easy grip and at the same time does not feel cheap.

Jetta WheelThe radio controls are very easy to use despite the bumbling guy on the commercial. The display is big and easy to read. Everything is laid out simply and controls on the wheel are an expected, but also well executed, touch. For video of the interior click here. It?s wmv format. I know I know. I?m working on it.



Jetta ShifterWood trim in this baby is definitely of a high grade and even though it has a laminate still looks excellent. There is a large amount of it around the shifter and on the knob itself. I always prefer a leather knob but this is acceptable. What can I say, the interior really wins you over with the new Jetta. I can see how Volkswagen would say this is a premium car even though it is so small.

An update to yesterday?s post: I flipped through my materials that came with the car and I do not have the $1,960 ?Package #1? on this tester. No, this has Package #2. That adds a multifunction steering wheel, leather (I knew this wasn?t leatherette) seats, wood trim, Homelink, power driver and passenger seats, manual rear sunshade and satellite radio all added to what was in Package #1. The price? $4,660. Bringing the total to $26,740! I was getting used to this car thinking $24,000. Now I have to rethink everything since we?re exactly at Acura TSX territory.

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