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WK: The little Korean brand that "could" is getting ready for quite a 2006. Three brand new sedans are waiting in the wings, and while none of them are styling masterpieces, they take solid aim at the heart of each market. The Sonata sat on the side of the stage watching its smaller sibling, the Accent, get all the attention with an improved interior, engine and overall size. While parked on the floor was the 2006 Azera sedan, the bigger brother, with a powerful V-6 and a look-and-feel miles above the XG 350 it replaces. Hyundai will own the "appliance" buyers with a solid amount of features for the money.
Grade: B

DT: Walt and I were discussing how expensive cars were getting with the new Jetta and Cobalt's high MSRPs. Then I said that's why the Koreans are kicking butt. Here are three more reasons for that. Entry level still means entry level. That will help the Accent, even though it's not as good as a Toyota Corolla. As for the Sonata and Azera it is more bang for the buck even if they don't perform as well (we're guessing) as their Japanese counterparts. But the gap is closing quickly. They're not sexy but they're improving.
Grade: B+

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