On the heels of news that Jaguar will eliminate the 2.5 L X-Type and Ford will refresh the Five Hundred earlier than anticipated CNN/Money runs a story with the headline "Ford trying to stem financial woes." Well yes and no. Ford is certainly not in terrible shape. Only Jaguar is currently bringing the automaker down. And in today's auto climate that's not a losing record. Also the fact that Ford is so quickly making changes to the Five Hundred seems like a solid move that address customer and critics' calls for a change. Not many automakers admit mistakes so openly. The problem here is that no one seemed to ask for the other side of the story. They just took some down earning reports, and moves on the product side and came up with the term "woe." Right now Chrysler is on top of the Big Three, GM is at the bottom and Ford is chugging along mostly unnoticed. Of the three they're not the worst off even though there need to be improvements.

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