Even after Ford decided to dump almost $1 billion into flailing Jaguar, the car company has decided to kill the 2.5 liter X-Type. The company will be adding more expensive models to the line-up instead to recapture the brand's exclusivity. But keeping the 3.0 X-Type doesn't seem to make much sense. USA Today probably confused every non-enthusiast reader with this story. The X-Type will still be sold, as will the aging S-Type. One pundit said it right "The X-Type wasn't a bad idea; it was bad execution." Exactly. We suggest a new model that splits the difference of X and S-Types. All new. Don't build it on the Mazda 6 platform either. Have a high-powered version and a wagon and do it right. Jaguar is still Jaguar. They are good looking vehicles that can't be confused for anything else on the road. There is no reason the company can't get a boost of life like Land Rover has with the LR3 and Volvo has with their last two product cycles.

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