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WK: Mercedes just unveiled one vehicle in two versions, the R350 and R500, but it heralds another significantly made for American-taste design. It's too big to be viable for many sales in Europe and it looks big in person. Pictures make the R-Class a little ganglier that in the sheetmetal. Inside, the big Benz coddles the driver and five passengers. Legroom is great for all positions but the $50,000 price will assure that many will be directed to the Pacifica for the "it's not a minivan" vehicle. Barely average in terms of the MB model line, the CLS is more significant.
Grade: C

DT: I'm not sure what Mercedes is trying to do. Their main need is to up their reliability and customer satisfaction. So they introduce a completely new platform that is a risk. Sure, studies say more people are moving from SUVs to CUVs (crossover utility vehicles) but that doesn't mean a Mercedes branded CUV will work. Their M Class and CLS will do well, but this…not too sure.
Grade: C-

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