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WK: It seems like Jeep has rocked the boat with the Commander. Consider that the original post on Autoblog has gotten over 100 comments; full of good and bad responses. I'll admit personally slamming the truck after seeing the press photos, but when I got up close and personal to it, it was, well, very Jeep-like. The price will be a make-or-break factor along with gas prices and how useful the third row will be to anyone but kids. The Grand Cherokee SRT-8 is a good-looking truck that is great for haulin' butt. Jeep definitely had everyone talking at NY.
Grade: B-

DT: Well we all know how I feel about the Commander. Yes it is the spacious seven-seater Jeep needed in its line-up, but it lacks the mass-market look of the Grand Cherokee. The Grand Cherokee SRT-8 is interesting just for the fact that it can beat a Porsche Cayenne. Otherwise Jeep didn't blow everyone away like they did with the Gladiator concept in Detroit.
Grade: C

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