The Porsche press conference did not announce any new models or sport packages. It focused on used, or the new word, "pre-owned" cars and dogs. Yes dogs. Porsche is describing this program as "certified pre-owned cars helping certified pre-owned dogs". Porsche will give ten animal shelters (one in each of 10 pre-determined markets) a Certified Pre-owned Cayenne to be used for six months to tow pets, supplies etc. as needed by the shelter. Comedian Elyane Boosler also spoke on behalf of her animal rescue organization, Tails of Joy. It was a weird press conference but I have to commend Porsche on the time given to animal rescue organizations and getting the word out about shelter dogs. Both Dave and I are dog owners and lovers and it pains us to know that four million cats and dogs are euthanized each year (getting off soapbox). And yes, there was a Turbo fitted with dog carriers at the show (that would be a lucky pooch).

Cayenne for canines

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