Since we're on a contest bent…It took us a while to figure out why the contest for the Logitech Driving Force Pro Wheel and Gran Turismo 4 disappeared and if the results were accurate. It seems there was nothing wrong at all. I set a deadline for submissions on the survey site we use, and it took down the table once that deadline passed. The winner with a whopping 17.79% of the votes was Patrick with his "Road Trips" and "I Drive (reader write-in)" categories. Of course, we'll have to think of a new name for "I Drive" so BMW doesn't sue us, but you'll see the new categories very soon. In case anyone wondered, the next closest contestant was Stephen with 12.5% of the votes for "Driving Tips" and "Deals/Incentives". Thanks for playing everybody, the submissions were so good we might use more than just the two winning categories too when we next update the site. Keep an eye out.

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