It has been far too long since we've done an Ask Autoblog. To remind people, this is where readers can write in and ask us for our thoughts and then have the readers weigh in as well. It usually turns out the readers are far more insightful but we always try. Last night I got an IM from our compatriot Mike Outmesguine from the Wireless Weblog about his lease expiring on a 200 Toyota 4Runner. He needs to replace the sucker with an off-road capable SUV. I asked "real off-road" or just some dirt and gravel roads? He assured me real mountain climbing work would be included. His price range currently is $550 a month and he'd like to keep it around there. My first thoughts came to the new Nissan Xterra and Pathfinder since they have the 4x4 drives and they have an easy to clean interior. I like the Pathfinder a bit better. Of course the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is "Trail Rated" but Mike said he's had bad Chryslers before. So what do you guys think? What are we overlooking? Since it is serious off-roading I didn't include the new Honda Ridgeline nor the Subarus. I'm not sure how they'd handle the terrain. But we're open to real world experiences.

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