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The Scion t2B stands for Tall-Two Box. At first I thought it was because the vehicle only had two doors. But after looking at all the photos and reading the press release this low slung box (tall?) actually has four doors. The one sliding door on the passenger side, suicide doors on the driver side and the rear hatch. The rear hatch also has a movie projection screen (can you say Ford SYN-us?) and the seats and speakers can swivel for a parked theater experience. Lover's lanes everywhere will turn into mobile drive-ins. Anyway, from the front I like the gangster lean look of the vehicle. The low profile, wrap-around glass is very cool and would probably be nice for drivers. However productions versions need airbags and I'd think pillars will be a bit larger. The grill is also a bit too funky for me personally. But the only really bad aspect is the rear with the odd lip. Don't get excited and think those are two tailpipes either. The one on the left is actually a reverse light. The press release says it's something about being symmetrical. Umm…you realize there are two doors on one side and one door on the other? Click through for the rear shot.

Scion 2tB

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