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So what does Dodge have on their plate for tomorrow? If the two women dressed as NYPD officers handing out tickets "summoning" us to the unveiling tomorrow is any indication, you might just figure it out. No? Ok then, take a look at the two vehicles under cover, behind police barricades. One is the Charger SRT-8 and the other, well, it has a light bar and a spotlight. Got it? Cool. It has to be the Dodge Enforcer police vehicle all in NYPD duds. We'll get shots of it tomorrow. I spoke to the "good cop"; she and the other "officer" decided to do the good-cop, bad cop routine and it worked well. The bad cop was handing out tickets if you looked at her the wrong way. Oh and thanks to Tucker, a cool Autoblog reader that I ran into today that pointed out the obvious to me.

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