UPDATE: The GM Podcast about the Solstice's 0-60 time was a misspeak. It is not 5.4 seconds, more like in the low 6's.

Two stories on GM Fastlane Blog for your perusal; Lutz tries to explain what happened to the Zeta platform that was to underpin the return of rear-wheel drive vehicles to the GM lineup and a Solstice podcast that drops hints at a Solstice hardtop option (for the winter), the car's performance and a high performance version. Lutz stands by the RWD performance vehicles that were in the pipeline, trying to put back some of the wind that was taken from many enthusiast's sails. The Solstice podcast gives some cryptic info on the possible Hummer H4 and stated 0-60 mph numbers for the Solstice around 6 seconds and it can pull over .90 G on the track. SEMA 2005 will debut many race-inspired upgrades for the car.

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