We guess that WSJ isn't on the cusp of cars and trucks, and probably should stay that way. First, we need to point out a huge glaring error in their facts: "traditional midsize SUVs such as the Chevy TrailBlazer and Ford Explorer seat only five, limiting some of their flexibility." Pick the two best selling American SUVs and lie about them. Both the Trailblazer (EXT) and Explorer (optional) offer third rows (that picture of the Explorer looks like a third row to us), but this makes for a better story I guess. That's poor. Otherwise the article is more about the Jeep Commander, LR3 and Tribeca, focusing on the Commander. They use a picture of the Rescue concept to illustrate the Commander. If you are going to release a story out to the bloggers for free, don't make the copy so easy to rip apart.

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