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The interior of the Lincoln Mark LT is pretty elegant for a truck. There is dark piping around the light grey leather seats and stitching around the wheel and gauge cluster. These are just little touches that add a bit of the upscale feed a $46,000 truck needs. However, the two-tone steering wheel is not wrapped in leather nor is the shifter. It is a faux leather-like plastic or rubber.

Lincoln Mark LT Center Tray

The seats and center console are wrapped in leather though. The quality would be about equivalent to a Ford Explorer. As I said earlier, the back seat is really spacious and folds up easily for cargo room.
Lincoln Mark LT steering wheel
Lincoln Mark LT Gauges

I found the seats comfortable but the truck is very high off the ground. Getting in and out is not so easy, but I think the folks buying a truck would be used to such maneuvers a bit more than I am.

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