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Here's the image of the bed that one reader asked for. It looks plenty big to me. I think the people that will buy this want an upscale looking SUV but like a truck bed. The interior is really spacious, even the back seats.

One odd accessory inside is an ashtray. When was the last time anyone saw an ashtray in a car? Does the F-150 have an ashtray? I forget. It?s a nice looking ashtray at least. Another reader question had to do with ride. There is a definite truck feedback in the suspension, but it does feel cushioned a tad for that Lincoln-ness.
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Lincoln Mark LT Ashtray
And why do people rip the Ford stereo? This is one of the things Ford has done right recently. This stereo is superb. Very clear, clean bass and that automatic volume increase when you gun the gas. It worked great in the Mustang and it works well with the loud Mark LT engine as well. I am surprised there isn?t more sound deadening between the engine and cabin here.

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