There are plenty of cars in that "love it or hate it" category, and we understand. There are a few of those love affairs with the personalities at Autoblog. The Renault Mégane is one of those designs that can be polarizing – from the front: A sporty little car. From the back: Well that's where the disagreement begins. One way to help us swallow the style is to throw all sorts of horsepower and suspension upgrades at it. Enter the Renaultsport 225. Blinding elements include a turbocharged 225-hp, 2.0-liter engine, six speed, close ratio manual trans, sport-tuned chassis and Brembo brakes. Unless Ghosn wants to move the Renualt badge back to North America, we won't we see this anytime soon.  Hey, with a little burner like this, the only ones checking out your booty are the drivers you just passed.

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