Well it's a Friday afternoon and it looks like all the automotive news has dried up for the week. In my travels on the Internet I've come across many a glowing review of the new VW Jetta like this one on NewCarTestDrive.com. But the car still doesn't look cool to me. Then I came across the image above on VWVortex. Sure it's an older image about the accessories to be sold with the Jetta but I hadn't seen this shot before. No, it isn't the bike rack that does it for me. I think with the body cladding and spoiler and from the profile the Jetta gains some masculinity. Perhaps this is a design that needs to grow on you like mold. I'm still reserving final judgment for the Jetta's visit to the Autoblog Garage. But at least I'm no longer going into it with a negative outlook.

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