I'm blown away at the amount of TV programming aimed directly at NASCAR fans. Twenty years ago I had to pray that TNN (it was The Nashville Network back then) would broadcast the race live and it wouldn't be blacked out in the Northeast. I used to wear Earnhardt T-shirts and no one in NJ would have an idea what I was wearing. It was almost cool that I was part of an "underground" fan-base who enjoyed barebones racing. NASCAR can hardly be called "barebones" anymore and with about 5 hours of programming a day (and that's just Speed channel!) including a nightly "NASCAR Nation" show that is the Entertainment Tonight of the NASCAR world, we are no longer a secret society. Well, if the hours on TV still have you wanting, Dominoes Pizza has put bloopers from Michael Waltrip and Dale Jr's commercial. The bloopers are only worth your 30-second look if you're a NASCAR/DEI fan, otherwise just pass on this one. Yeah, this is a long preface for the link, but I get misty when I think about what NASCAR was and the monster it has become.

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