Look at all the consumerism going on here! You have to go search out a G6 (it's OK if you stalk them down at the local Pontiac dealer instead of finding them in the wild) make sure you have upgraded your cell phone to one with a camera (yes, there are a few of us still not sold why our cell needs a camera. None of our photos could be as interesting as Paris Hilton's) and you need email capability (or at least pay for it) and send the photo to win@catchaG6.com. You can even download a G6 ringtone that had us baffled, forcing a click. It's a MIDI version of "Should I Stay or Should I Go", the Clash song that is being used in the G6 commercials. We're sorry Joe Strummer, wherever you are. Pontiac has been nothing but resourceful with trying to create a buzz for the G6.

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