James R. Healey points out in USA Today that Ford is in big trouble since its once favored Focus is now off CR's list of recommended vehicles altogether. It used to be the top rated small car. But since the Focus doesn't have side air bags and is an aging design, the car did not do well in the now widely known side-impact tests. Our question is: Did every car get treated to the same test or just the compacts? The reaction in the media to this has been one of shock and horror akin to "we've been driving deathtraps all this time and didn't know it." The reporters are treating this like being broadsided in a car resulting in injuries is completely new. The only positive aspect to come of all this is the fact that Ford may have to rethink its plan of redesigning the Focus and bring the European version over soon. However, the Mazda3 (based on the new Focus platform) received the same results as the old Focus. Get some airbags Ford.

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