I've heard plenty of stories from my dad about going to dealerships around September for new model introductions. The new car was already at the dealer, covered by the impenetrable canvass car cover, kids and adults alike just waiting for the day when the car would be uncovered. Even in the eighties I couldn't wait for the end of August when all the car mag's October editions would hit my mailbox, next year's models plastered all over it. The new 87's were here! I'd hop in the car with my dad on a Sunday (when the dealer's were closed) and look for the first car-carrier drop-offs of the new models and test our knowledge on what made it different from the year before. Those days are gone, thanks to automakers need to one-up the next, showing us 2007 cars in 2004. Most of the dealers I meet can't hold a conversation about the cars they sell, being salesmen that could sell you snake oil, lingerie or cars – whatever they can make more money on. The dealers aren't excited and people aren't excited to go there to browse. Edmund's Ken Gross' article brought up all these memories, and has the same sentiments about the current introductions as I do.

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