Sitting inside the Volvo XC90 is like being in the automotive version of the W Hotel. The SUV is both modern and luxurious, yet it also makes the money you paid for it seem well worth it. And unlike a weekend at a W Hotel, you'll be pampered in this baby for at least a few years.

Volvo Center Stack AG sml

My design sensibilities always lean toward the modern look: steel, black leather etc. But the better half is more Crate & Barrel-ish. That means the house is much more contemporary than my personal taste. I don?t complain since I think it makes a very nice look for a home. After testing the S40 sedan and now the XC90, Volvo might make a wise choice for a person that doesn?t get to express their taste in design around the homestead. 

Volvo Handles AG sml

The leather seats are comfortable and pleasing to the touch. While the wood and leather steering wheel is a bit too cold on winter mornings, it is a very classy instrument that is the perfect size. The metal accents on the door handles and elsewhere actually feel like metal. That is a definite rarity in these days of silver painted plastic. Environmental and stereo controls are extremely straightforward and easy to use, although I wouldn?t mind the sculptured look of the S40s center stack here too. I guess you can?t have everything.

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