One could hardly consider the North American Hyundai XG a Lexus contender. Hell, you'd be hard pressed to get Camry/Accord buyers to look at one. But at Geneva Hyundai has moved one step closer to their goal to launch a line of premium cars in NA. Though Hyundai Grandeur, to be tagged the TG in the U.S., does nothing to stir the emotions, looking much like a larger version of the new Hyundai Sonata and a homogenous blend of the most popular car designs. Hyundai will throw all the options higher-end shoppers are looking for like a more powerful V-6, host of air bags, dual climate control, active headrests and a dual tone and textured interior with wood and metal accents. We don't underestimate Hyundai, but the larger TG doesn't look the part of a buzz-maker. has more exterior pictures.

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