From the current data that we have there is one big winner, one big loser and scattered sales shrapnel in the middle. Toyota pulls out ahead 11 percent (reminder – that is with Scion sales added to their total, a separate brand in all but sales totals) while GM slips 12 percent. Toyota's Lexus brand drops 4%. Chrysler holds up their end of the DCX bargain with a 7.5% increase while Mercedes drops 17%. Nissan pulls ahead 10% with Pathfinder sales leading the way while Honda's Accord and Civic drag the automaker down 7.2%. BMW fared better than MB and Lexus, up 10% for the whole company and Mini sales were boosted 18% with convertible sales. We reported on Ford earlier, checking in with a 2.9% loss, all from a lull in truck sales. A few more numbers are still outstanding. Overall a pretty up and down month with very few breakout successes.

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