The automotive library here at Autoblog is vast, spanning from the 50's to today. Sometimes it's hard not to sit and thumb through old magazines just for the advertisements. Advancements that we take for granted now were big headlines and selling points back then. We'd like to challenge you with some slogans – you'll get the year the ad was printed and a little clue. Click the link and we'll show you the whole ad.

This one is from 1976. The car in question had just recently changed its name in 1975 when fuel injection was added.

Datsun 280-Z ad

1976 Datsun 280-Z. In 1975, due to increasing federal emission standards, Datsun upped the engine size to 2.8-liters which included a version of Bosch?s fuel injection system, thus changing the car?s name from 260-Z to 280-Z. What?s a carburetor?

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