When we think of the Yamaha V-8, visions of SHO Tauruses dance in our heads, but now there's a new silhouette powering through our muddy memories, a Volvo SUV. James R. Healey from USA Today puts the pedal down on the XC90 and finds the 4.4-liter powerplant packs a nice punch in the SUV and gives the truck a good sound. The price jumps up almost four-grand when you check the V-8 option, but other goodies are included with the package. Mr. Healey likes the overall package, but has some minor gripes, one of which is a transmission "kickdown" warning which comes in the form of gas pedal resistance – to warn the driver that pressing the gas any further will cause the automatic trans to downshift. Tell the nanny the kids are old enough to stay home alone!

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