Amongst the falling snow in Maranello, Italy this morning Ferrari took the wraps off their 2005 Formula One contender, the F2005. Ferrari has the hopes their new vehicle, which will likely not make its race debut until the European leg of the F1 season begins, will carry Michael Schumacher (or that other guy…Rubens Barichello) to a World Driver's Championship, and bring Ferrari themselves yet another Contructor's Championship. The F2005 is quite obviously evolution, not revolution for Ferrari (hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it), and what will likely be the last iteration of this evolution of V10-powered Ferrari F1 cars before the sport likely moves to smaller V8 engines in 2006. With Michael Schumacher winning the last 5 consecutive Driver's Championships, and Ferrari winning the last 6 consecutive Contructor's Championships, the team's recent success in F1 has been remarkable, and never before seen. And of course according to Jean Todt and Ross Brawn, the F2005 is the "best [F1 car] we have built to date."

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