Matt Nauman of the San Jose Mercury News thinks the new Dodge Charger will end up like the recent Pontiac GTO debut and flop. He tries to back-up his case but I think he's missing some key points. The folks up in arms about the two-doors are a very noisy minority. I'm not saying they're a minority among car fans, just among all car buyers. That's a big difference. One "that thing got a Hemi" ad and millions will be excited by the new Charger. Then there are the folks that want the affordable big sedan that looks good with or without the Hemi that are turned off by the 300C's looks. The GTO was certainly no best buy. A Charger could be one because, unlike Matt's stated $27,000 price tag, the Charger should start closer to $22,000 like its Chrysler 300C sibling. In my humble opinion the Charger will sell well, very well and with the buzz of special editions like the Daytona (shown here) it should continue to generate a lot of attention for Chrysler.

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