The new 2005 Grand Cherokee does two things a heck of a lot better than the previous generation. One is the improved ride and handling that I'll tackle tomorrow. The other is the vastly superior cargo set-up. No there's nothing revolutionary like a third row of seats or hidden trunk/cooler. But there is a lot of added ease of use and simple ergonomics involved.

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After more than a year in the 2004 Grand Cherokee I hate having to flip the seats down. You have to remove the headrests, flip up the bottom of the seats, then flip the backs down. What a pain. And most of the time when you?re doing this you either have groceries, or it just happens to be raining or your dog is tugging at the leash. Thankfully Jeep has fixed all of those problems. Now all you have to do is pull a handy cord and the seat folds flat. That?s all.

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For that along the Jeep gets my big endorsement. There are also enough hooks in the back cargo bay to figure out any assortment of bungee chords, nets or rope depending on how kinky you get with your gear.
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