After my local video game store held all games hostage 'till 3:30pm (I won't mention their name, but it rhymes with Blechtronics Monique) I finally can cozy up in my driving rig and take it for a spin. More pictures and info on the hardware I'm using at the link.

GT 4 Driving rig

The driving rig was created and sold by Bob Earl Racing and is called the Virtual Racing Chassis or VRC. Bob Earl is a racer and a freelance driving coach. The VRC is probably the most confortable chair to not only play racing games in, but to just sit in. I?ve been able to play driving games for hours on end with no discomfort what-so-ever.

GT 4

The steering wheel is the Logitech Force Feedback Pro steering wheel, the same that Dave will be reviewing. While I?ve used the wheel for GT3, Burnout 3 and NASCAR 2005, it was specifically built for GT4 and I can?t wait to burn some rubber. I?ll touch back with some progress in a little while.

GT 4

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