Scion has a lot going for it. Even with just three current models each one has a distinct personality, high quality interiors and have that sense of fun when behind the wheel. Those are all hard to achieve attributes for any car company let alone a brand new one to the market. I found myself enjoying the xA a lot and got great pleasure out of pushing it to its limits (which wasn't hard).

How does such a wimpy little car get my thumb up? Lots of personality, utility and that elusive fun to drive factor certainly help. It definitely had nothing to do with all the neon lighting that?s for sure. The flip down rear seats were great and created a very useable cargo area. And you could get into any parking spot you wanted too.

Urban denizens would be wise to consider this as a very inexpensive solution for a city car. Those that have highway commutes should look elsewhere. Even a base price new Focus (with plenty of incentives) would be more advisable, if not as cool, for highway commuting. But there is that cool factor.

Scion echo

The xA could become a favorite of the young set. It would make a terrific first car for someone. Parents would know their kids can?t drive too fast in it or wedge too many people inside. And unlike the Toyota Echo I saw stopped in front of me, the xA would actually be desired by anyone under 30.

As a rapidly aging, engaged male I will admit the xA is definitely not my style even though I find attractive if not a bit funky. I?d probably go with a xB over the xA simply because there?s even more cargo room and I think it would be great to cart my dog around in and still fit in city parking spots. Of course a supercharged tC (if it ever gets here) would still be the top Scion on my list, sorry Roxy.

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