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If you thought the Daytona Chargers were over the top, then the Superbird be-winged Ram Daytona will leave your neck even redder. Autoblog caught this at the Detroit show, and Dodge released the stats today. Good thing: it is a limited run. Bad thing: silly 11-inch rear spoiler rendering bed use compromised. Two colors will be offered, Go ManGo! and silver metallic. You do get a Borla exhaust and 20-inch rims along with a hood scoop, Daytona stripes and badging on the headrests and floor mats and a numbered plaque to prove you're special. I bet you were wondering if you could get it in a quad cab weren't you? Dodge is making the Daytona package available in all types; 4x4 or 4x2, regular cad or quad cab. Prices start at $32,000.

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