Nitro 001

DT: Well Dodge had some "big" offerings in Chicago. The Mega Cab made lots of truck fans happy although I don't see anything more than a really big truck. However, the Nitro concept was pretty cool and makes sense since it's based right off the Liberty platform. The indoor test track though catapults the grade up a few notches.
Grade: A-

WK: I applaud Dodge adding as many Ram models as they possibly can. The Nitro is only natural since the Durango has bloated up to a much larger SUV and Dodge has nothing to offer smaller without forcing someone to go to Jeep (so that's what they did anyway). The Charger Daytona R/T is a perfect "special edition" for the Muscle Car set and may be odd, but so were the Dodge originals. The test track, while I was not there to experience, is surely a crowd pleaser.
Grade: A

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