One of the more interesting parts of the Scion xA is that it serves as a hatchback as well as a small four-door. While the rear cargo area is tiny when the seats are up, flip the two down (after pulling the headrests out) and there is significant space for junk, I mean cargo.

Scion xA Cargo Full

No it isn?t a minivan or a SUV, but it makes the vehicle much more practical than it already is. We took it on a regular weekend trip to the local discount warehouse and the grocery store. We fit two cases of water bottles and a large box of other foodstuffs since the warehouse store doesn?t supply bags. Then we headed over to the grocery store where we got about a dozen bags worth of assorted groceries. All of it fit in the back of the little xA without a problem.

Scion xA Cargo Inside

I?d even hazard a guess two sets of golf clubs could fit back there. However, the weather isn?t nice enough for me to test this hypothesis. Also you?ll notice a cargo cover that fits across the small cargo area that only makes sense when the seats are up. However it seems like a waste of space for the large device since the area it covers is about 6 inches. Couldn?t Scion find a better way? Check out Day 1 here. Tomorrow we?ll check off the list of expensive add-ons for our test xA.

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