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DT: We're starting our grades again to recap the Chicago show. This time we won't cover as many nameplates since much fewer chose to debut vehicles. We'll start with the most significant right off the bat. Honda may have split people down the middle with the Ridgeline in Detroit, but the Civic Si Concept seems to be universally loved. And why shouldn't it? Honda is making its new coupe very aggressive and if the lines translate to the sedan, the Civic could find itself outdoing the Corolla again. This is exactly where Honda should be exerting itself and reclaiming its place in the hearts of tuners and non-enthusiast alike.
Grade: A

WK: No the new Civic isn't breaking any real styling conventions, but then ask yourself what bread-and-butter 300,000 units a year vehicle does. The Civic needs to be all things to all people, and once the concept glitter and showy-ness is removed from this car, it makes a very clean case for the Civic to prevail once again. There are some complex lines sculptured into the car, from the hood/headlight slope to the rear quarter panel. The Civic won't be a big risk, but it won't disappoint either. Interior is obviously absent here, which hurts my grade a smidgen.
Grade: B+

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