As other automakers try to play the hare with gangster sedans like the 300C and Cadillac CTS, Ford is being called out for being too cautious in the race for sedan supremacy. This recent BusinessWeek column dismissed the Five Hundred and kin for its bland style and says they're not selling well enough. Yet the AWD models are basically out of stock and around Chicago new Freestyles are a common sight. The interesting thing is, as Chrysler and Cadillac (and even Buick) move to a younger market who's serving the elder drivers? Maybe the Five Hundred isn't the hottest sedan on the market but it speaks to value and common sense that older drivers may respond too. And don't take this early refreshening as a sign of utter failure. We think giving the Five Hundred a similar face to the Fusion is a smart move. We'd still like to see some more power and higher quality interior in that refreshened Five Hundred though.

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