Reminder – this car is NOT coming to the United States. This will be sold as a European B-Segment vehicle only. Now with that out of the way, the Cadillac BLS will be built in the same plant in Sweden that builds the Saab 9-3, which this car is based on. That means it is front-wheel drive and powered by an 180hp 1.9-liter diesel engine received from the Fiat joint venture. Other engines will also be offered. The interior is very clean and is clearly where other Caddy dashes are going (it resembles the new DTS). Caddy hopes for 10,000 sales to boost the Cadillac name, and a coupe and convertible is rumored to be in the works. If Caddy was to ever bring a B-Segment car to the U.S. I think it would have to be rear-wheel drive to compete more with the 3-Series. The link is to a German site,, with more pictures.

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