From the man who brought you the official Knight Rider conversion K.I.T.T. (pun intended) is the next round in 80's Firebird lore, the 1988 Banshee concept. Seen above in a picture taken by a 14 year-old car nut (me. And will big-hair and Star Trek ever go out of style?) at the 1988 New York Auto Show, the Pontiac Banshee concept was an over-the-top precursor to the 1993 Firebird. Banshee ReplicaNow Louisell Enterprises lets you turn your 1993-97 Firebird into a Banshee replica (see inset). Good luck to anyone who lives in a state like mine that requires a front license plate, but I guess this replica isn't about practicality. To see more of the Banshee, go to the link and navigate to "Turnkey Vehicles-> Banshee by Louisell".

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