Everyone was ogling the new Mercedes CLS 500. These weren't the media either, these were guys in expensive suits that either owned dealerships or at least were important enough to be in the show early. They were swarming the thing. They were getting in and out popping the trunk. One know-it-all brought his buddies up and clearly was not happy with the headroom in the four-door coupe. "Get in the back," he urged. His friends complied and even I had to agree the back seats are pretty tight all around. The CLS is indeed a 2+2 with four doors. But one guy next to me said, "she won't let me get a 2-door so I can still go with this." Which is really what it's all about. Although the sloping roof really does take away headroom even in the front seats. But as all the suits agreed when they looked in the deep trunk "ahhh lots of room for the sticks."


Look ma, no legroom in the back either.

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