In Chicago I got to actually get all up in the new Lexus GS. The dark grey model on the floor was super sexy. This is by far the nicest looking Lexus sedan since the brand debuted. The lines are very smooth and masculine. Inside I found the design even more appealing. The doors have a very cool wedge of leather leading into the window controls. The tach could be a little nicer (the images of them didn't turn out) and the area around the shifter seemed a bit plain, but otherwise the interior was very luxurious. Even the interior lighting had pinpoint effects. If I was shopping in this class and had to make a call between the Infiniti M, Acura RL, Audi A6, BMW 5 and this Lexus GS I'd have a tough time. Click below for more images.

Lexus GS 02
Lexus GS 03

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