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I headed back downstairs after filing the last batch of posts and finally found the Nitro on the floor. Prior it must have been behind one of the large stages that were now being reassembled for the public show. But now it was wedged between a Magnum SRT-8 and a Ram. Another gawker was closing the door as I approached. I tentatively opened the driver's side door thinking "you're usually not allowed in concepts." A Dodge rep was there talking up another media type and I asked "am I allowed in here?" "No," came the reply.

Nitro 002

But luckily I was given a few minutes anyway. The Nitro looks like it is completely planned out from the inside and the seats felt great. The dash was obviously still coming along and the shift knob was WAY too big, but otherwise it looks like this could roll off the line in no time. It seems much bigger, and definitely wider, than the Jeep Liberty. And that will draw the Dodge customers along with the looks. Oh and thanks to the Dodge rep for not going nuts when he found me sitting in his concept.
Nitro 003
Nitro 004
Nitro 005

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