Actually for my foray around Chryslers major indoor test drive course I chose the Dodge Charger for my ride so I took to the "Dodge" section of the course. Chrysler and Dodge are similar real-world driving conditions while Jeep has an off-road course and the Dodge truck section is a combo of both. Since there were no lines yet I hopped right in and a friendly young driver said "buckle up" and we were off. The new Charger didn't feel or look any different inside than the Magnum although there are subtle differences. The car hit the potholes and I was amazed at how bad they were! I made the joke of "just like driving in the city" and the young lady driving said "I've been hearing that all day."

Test track

OK so my attempt at humor turns out not to be that original but we joked about the tedium these drivers have only begun to endure as this serves as a warm-up for the public that will undoubtedly fill the roped off waiting areas from the second the show opens until ten days later when it closes. The simulation was rough! These were huge speed bumps etc. that shimmied the Charger severely. But of course it didn?t make any noises or allude to anything other than ?this is a tough sedan.? And I guess that?s the point. At the braking area the driver gunned the engine a tad and slammed on the brakes. She then said ?This thing has a Hemi and I wish there was more room in here.? Amen sister. Suggestion for Dodge, next year build a dragstrip in here for those Daytonas and SRTs!

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