So the Super Bowl "Kickoff" show was sponsored by Ford with those two Ford commercials for the Mustang and F Series trucks. And the postgame was sponsored by GM's Cadillac? How does that happen? But an even better twist of fate was that the MVP of the game was going to get the Cadillac of his choice. Now we all know at this point that Tom Brady is suing Cadillac for a few million for using his name past an agreed upon date and that he got all pissy that his free XLR didn't arrive in as timely a manner as he wanted (at least he donated it to a good cause). Now do you think the GM big wigs were both hoping for an Eagles victory and/or a really big day from Corey Dillon? They still lucked out when the MVP went to Deion Branch.

Overall the Super Bowl left me flat. I don?t like either team, but as a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan I really wanted to watch the Pats lose. As a strict football fan I was screaming at the Eagles and their clock-killing huddles towards the end of the game. Horrible game management. Did McNabb have money on the game? I have no clue where that guy?s head was at. Horrible 4thquarter to a decent Super Bowl. The Patriots again don?t do anything stunning they just manage not to lose. Oh and the half time show blew. I?d actually prefer those big pop spectacles with Britney Spears and such.

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