Stepping into the Lexus RX330 I immediately try to find flaws in the SUVs interior. It's hard to admit but this is what anyone does who is supposed to act objectively right? Well yes and no. To be objective you can't obsess over the things most carbuyers will never notice even if they bug the heck out of you. Of course all the things that should annoy the everyman need to be identified out with gusto. 

From reading the above it also sounds like there?s a lot I found wrong in the RX330. That?s not exactly true. The overall color combinations and material quality are quite pleasing to the eye and to the touch. A nice fawn-grey leather covers the seats and doors with firm support and the wood accents look refreshingly real. The leather is certainly not cushy, in fact I still find the seat rather uncomfortable, especially with the captain?s chair-like armrest so close to the body.

RX330 StackThe center stack is well executed for the stereo controls but integrating the climate buttons into the navigation screen is inconvenient and requires one or two steps too many to simply turn on the heat. Placing the shifter underneath the stereo also makes it hard to rest your hand on it while driving (which is supposedly not safe but many people get into the habit).

What I really like best about the RX330 is the amount of space in the rear cargo compartment. There?s at least as much room as in our Jeep Grand Cherokee and the automatic lift gate is a terrific feature. Loaded down with groceries having the ability to open and close the back with the touch of a button is a godsend. Again we don?t do product placements, this time it was the fianc?e doing the Old Navy shopping. RX330 trunk

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