As the Chicago Auto Show grows near the number of press releases we receive increases. Strange parallel is it not? Anyway, the press release is about Malcolm Bricklin holding a press conference to real photos of his recent visit to China and to introduce the new Chery Automobile products he plans to bring to the U.S. These are the cheaply built cars that will be priced well below Hyundai and Kia. It doesn't seem to matter that GM is suing the company over its designs. Bricklin even has a gift he plans to give to GM CEO Rick Wagoner. All we can say to Rick is "If it's edible don't eat it." This could be the oddest moment of the entire show. Can't wait.

Almost forgot the best part. The press release is titled "BRICKLIN VS. WAGONER AT CHICAGO AUTO SHOW." Sorry but they sent it in all caps.

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