I'm not going to get into a lecture on how uptight this country has become since last Super Bowl. It seems to be a reality now and marketers are learning to walk on eggshells. When I read about this ad a few days ago I thought, "Ford's playing with fire here. People aren't going to get the humor in this." In the ad, a Christian clergyman finds a set of keys in the church collection plate and sees a new Mark LT in the parking lot. He begins caressing the vehicle until the owner shows up and explains his daughter put the keys in the collection plate by mistake. The next scene is the clergyman posting next sermon's theme – "Lust" – on the church billboard. In our easily offended country, surprise! People were offended. Personally I'm not offended, I just don't think it wasn't a very good commercial and I have no idea how it got green-lighted.

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