After all the talk of the utility of the GMC XUV there hasn't been much said about the ride. To tell you the truth I don't really mind driving this big boy. Seriously, the V8 has lots of power, the ride is silky smooth and the seats engulf you like a nice leather cocoon. Who would mind that?

XUV Buttons

There is definitely a feeling of invulnerability with the weight of this heavy hauler underneath the driver. It is a large vehicle that is easy to handle and that is a rare trait in such large SUVs. Obviously the 20 degree mornings here in Chicago made me love the heated seats. However, a big shock is the fact that the XUV lets you heat the back of the seat separately from the seat cushion. This is ingenious. I mean it. How has no one else done this? At least none of the other vehicles I?ve tested with heated seats have this feature.

I?m not an old man but from time to time on long drives and after long days sitting in front of a computer a nice heated back is something to be cherished. With all this heated bliss I certainly don?t mind the long ride out to the suburbs in the XUV. But not everything is nice and cheery. The vehicle is a behemoth and on the highway it roars along steadily and with few missteps. However, the rear section is quite loud if you have the separation down, and even with everything sealed off it isn?t the quietest SUV around. As nice as the power is the brakes are spongy and slow to react. That isn?t the best trait when you have so much weight to bring to a halt.

XUV ventThe interior is nice enough with slightly clunky but easy to use dials for everything. The fake wood trim is aesthetically pleasing but feels somewhat cheap to the touch. Not as bad as others we recently tested but it certainly doesn?t feel genuine. The stereo is sub par for such an expensive vehicle and offers virtually no range. A default play list included sports radio talk of Sammy Sosa trades and Super Bowl predictions.

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